How To Shoot Wedding Videos And Edit With AVS

In the past, shooting and editing wedding videos was extremely difficult. Only people that had access to professional equipment were able to offer this service. Now, however, that has begun to change. Nearly everyone has access to video cameras; they’re a standard smartphone feature. In addition, programs like AVS4YOU make editing a breeze.

Follow these instructions if you want to shoot and edit wedding videos:


Capture the Wedding

Before you can start editing your wedding video, you’ll have to film the wedding. While you can shoot a wedding with a phone camera, you’ll probably be able to get higher quality footage if you use a digital video camera.

When you capture the wedding, you should make sure you keep the camera steady. Sudden movements can make the footage look sloppy. Make sure you capture all of the big events, from the bride and groom reciting their vows to their first dance as man and wife.


Transfer the Footage to Your Computer

Once you have captured the footage, you’ll have to transfer it to your computer. When you have the footage on your computer, you’ll be able to edit it using software recommended by

Transferring over your footage should be very easy. If your camera uses an SD or Micro SD card, you simply need to insert that card into the appropriate slot on your computer. After you do that, you’ll be able to move the files from the card to your computer’s hard drive. You can also connect your camera to your computer.


Editing Your Footage

Some editing software has a steep learning curve. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem that AVS4YOU has. The software is extremely fast and intuitive. It will be easy for you to do everything that you need to.

With that said, there are a number of things you’ll want to remember as you edit your footage. As you edit, you should try to create a story. Don’t just show the footage as it is. Organize the footage you have in a compelling way. Let people see what it was like to attend the event.

You should also add music whenever the sound quality is lacking. If you sub in the right song, your wedding video will be even more moving!


Think About Upgrading Your Computer

AVS4YOU can run on nearly any computer, but you’ll get better results if you use it on a high-powered device. When your computer has an ample amount of ram, it won’t take much time to save your progress. You’ll be able to make edits in an instant.

If your computer has seen better days, you should think about upgrading it or purchasing something new. If you’re going to be doing a lot of editing, you’ll want a powerful machine at your disposal.

As you can see, it’s easy to film and edit wedding videos. As long as you have access to the right tools, you can do all kinds of different things. Purchase AVS4YOU so that you can edit videos perfectly.

A Guide on What to Wear to a Wedding

Weddings are important occasions that are marked by a lot of joy and merry making. People love to dress up in elegant outfits to mark the special day. There are however some rules that apply when dressing up for a day. Avoid wearing white to a wedding. The bride is likely to outshine everyone in terms of accessories and extravagance and this is normal. Keep in your mind that it is their day and not yours. Rule number two is learning how to respect social and religious places.If the wedding is in a church avoid naked looks like cleavage, too much leg etc. Do not dress like you are attending a club party. A wedding is a society celebration with different age groups in attendance and you surely don’t want to be indecent before kids and parents.


Being the Best-Dressed Man in a Wedding

Classic is the best definition of a well-dressed man, go for a trendy look in case you don’t want to end up looking like your grandfather during a wedding. Vintage looks are also classy for a wedding especially if completed with a leather shoe of nice loafers. To avoid fashion flops, stick to your own simple style. You can check out wedding dresses for men from different websites to get a variety for the big day. Choose what you feel comfortable in. You can also check out websites that have wedding dresses for hire and depending on your budget you can be able to get a dress to fit the occasion. This is advisable especially if you are not likely to wear the outfit again.


Looking Chic and Fab for a Wedding

Ladies, have a clue of the venue. That is rule number one. You don’t want to appear in a short skater dress at a very windy place. You can check weather forecasts prior to shopping to give you a rough idea of how the weather might be like. Figure out what you like to wear and what you feel comfortable in. Do not feel pressured. Weddings are an endless parade of details; try to make it a simple one. Honestly, check the options that you have from different stores, review the budget you had set and then make your decision months before the day of the wedding so that you can stick to a budget.You can buy wedding dresses for women from different stores online.


Is it Possible to Find a Really Great Dress at an Affordable Price?

You need to work with a budget to avoid overspending on a dress which you could end up wearing only occasionally. For ladies, something elegant and keen to detail can be found at low prices. You can also do a simple look and accessorize heavily with crystal belts, vintage broach or silky flower pins. If you are looking for a true bargain you can visit wedding dress online shops and compare their prices and wedding dresses. You can also check out wedding dresses for hire from different websites and compare prices.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

Congratulations – you’re tying the knot! Of course, it’s the biggest day of your life and it’s essential that everything is just right, including the perfect wedding dress. Brides to be often spend hours agonizing over the right dress, and if you are reduced to crying ‘I can’t find a wedding dress I like!’, the following tips can help you look stunning when you walk down the aisle. In most cases, budget is a huge factor when it comes to choosing a dress, and you also want a dress that makes you feel confident and attractive.

If you are one of the many brides who can’t decide on wedding dress, start by researching at least one wedding dress styles guide, before you look at dresses in person, or think about trying them on. There are literally hundreds of styles, and your body shape and height will influence the type of dress, as well as your own personal tastes and your skin complexion and hair color

The style or look of the wedding itself. Your dress may need to blend in with a beach wedding, a ceremony in a designer art gallery, or a traditional church wedding. Styles of wedding dresses range from old fashioned to modern, with just about everything in between, and the neckline, length and train are all factors to consider, as well as the veil. Keep in mind that trends come and go, and something from 20 years ago may not be as fashionable today.

Think about the overall look you want to achieve when choosing the perfect wedding dress. You may want to take into consideration what your bridesmaids are wearing, and your shoes and jewelry, the flowers you have chosen, and any other accessories, as it can sometimes be easier to envisage the total package.

One of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing from styles of wedding dresses is your height and body shape, and of course you want the dress to flatter you as much as possible. A dress that flares out gradually from the waist and shows off the midsection is ideal for someone who is best described as pear shaped, while a dress with a scooped neckline may be ideal if you have a larger bust. An Empire style wedding dress has a skirt that starts just beneath the bust, and is the ideal option for the plus sized bride, while a simple silhouette style wedding dress is more suitable for a taller woman.

A wedding dress quiz is a series of questions designed to find your perfect dress style, and you can find many of these quizzes online. Wedding dress quizzes typically ask you about your make up style, your ideal venue, your tastes in music, flowers and other accessories, all in an effort to find that perfect wedding dress. Like all such quizzes, you aren’t obligated to follow the recommendations, although it can be surprisingly effective way of making some sort of sense of the many wedding dress choices.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

Many women at some point have dreamt of their wedding. This maybe from the time they wore their white dresses during confirmation or even the fantasies of feeling like a princess marrying her prince charming in an elegant wedding. Finding a perfect wedding dress is, however, a very vital part of this dream. It is guided by various choices and key decision making. Here are a few tips on getting the perfect dress when you can’t decide on wedding dress:


Always make sure you know the time and place of your wedding. The features of the location and formality of the ceremony are key.  This will normally dictate the styles of wedding dresses. You should wear a dress that celebrates your setting. For an outdoor or garden wedding one could consider a romantic and flirty look, a classic look is advised for a reception hall or even a more daring over-the-top look whereas a short sundress or a two-piece dress for a beach setting.



The first step is figuring how much you want to spend on the gown. Here you should consider whether you want the dress locally or shop online so as to factor in the tax and shipping. This should also include the whole wedding ensemble including the veil, undergarments and other accessories. One could also put aside some money for alterations or professional steaming or pressing.


Familiarization with the Various Wedding Gown Silhouettes

There are six different categories of wedding gown silhouettes: mermaid, A-line, sheath, ball, fit-and-flare and empire. You should fit all these silhouettes and find which one flatters your body shape. This will help narrow down the wide range of gown options. It also helps with deciding on other details like the neckline, sleeves, and embellishments that fit the silhouette. Research on the various dress styles provided in the different wedding dress styles guide provided by bridal magazines.


Book an Appointment

On careful budgetary decisions, you should make appointments with the bridal salons that fit your budget. Weekdays are most preferred since there are fewer crowds and that way you get better service from the staff. During fittings, you should invite a few people whose opinions you trust.


Always Keep an Open Mind

This is because a dress may not look as good when you wear it as it looked on the hanger whereas others may not look good on the hanger but look amazing when worn. It is usually very important to consider the advice of bridal consultants even when you think it doesn’t feel like your style. When it comes to size, one should go for the fit and not the size.


Start Early

It is advisable to start this process months prior to your wedding. This helps to fit the delivery and alterations time. Customized gowns may require longer time and thus it is important to consult so as not to rush or get in a situation where you can’t find ‘a wedding dress I like’ which happens in most cases when rushed.
This is usually a crucial process and at the end, the decision lies with you and how the dress makes you feel.