Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

Many women at some point have dreamt of their wedding. This maybe from the time they wore their white dresses during confirmation or even the fantasies of feeling like a princess marrying her prince charming in an elegant wedding. Finding a perfect wedding dress is, however, a very vital part of this dream. It is guided by various choices and key decision making. Here are a few tips on getting the perfect dress when you can’t decide on wedding dress:


Always make sure you know the time and place of your wedding. The features of the location and formality of the ceremony are key.  This will normally dictate the styles of wedding dresses. You should wear a dress that celebrates your setting. For an outdoor or garden wedding one could consider a romantic and flirty look, a classic look is advised for a reception hall or even a more daring over-the-top look whereas a short sundress or a two-piece dress for a beach setting.



The first step is figuring how much you want to spend on the gown. Here you should consider whether you want the dress locally or shop online so as to factor in the tax and shipping. This should also include the whole wedding ensemble including the veil, undergarments and other accessories. One could also put aside some money for alterations or professional steaming or pressing.


Familiarization with the Various Wedding Gown Silhouettes

There are six different categories of wedding gown silhouettes: mermaid, A-line, sheath, ball, fit-and-flare and empire. You should fit all these silhouettes and find which one flatters your body shape. This will help narrow down the wide range of gown options. It also helps with deciding on other details like the neckline, sleeves, and embellishments that fit the silhouette. Research on the various dress styles provided in the different wedding dress styles guide provided by bridal magazines.


Book an Appointment

On careful budgetary decisions, you should make appointments with the bridal salons that fit your budget. Weekdays are most preferred since there are fewer crowds and that way you get better service from the staff. During fittings, you should invite a few people whose opinions you trust.


Always Keep an Open Mind

This is because a dress may not look as good when you wear it as it looked on the hanger whereas others may not look good on the hanger but look amazing when worn. It is usually very important to consider the advice of bridal consultants even when you think it doesn’t feel like your style. When it comes to size, one should go for the fit and not the size.


Start Early

It is advisable to start this process months prior to your wedding. This helps to fit the delivery and alterations time. Customized gowns may require longer time and thus it is important to consult so as not to rush or get in a situation where you can’t find ‘a wedding dress I like’ which happens in most cases when rushed.
This is usually a crucial process and at the end, the decision lies with you and how the dress makes you feel.

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